1 Dire Reality Check Warning for Travel Bloggers

Kelli by on the beach in Playa Dominicalito Costa Rica. See how little she appears amongst the trees? You actually are not as big as you think you are, men. Accept this reality check caution and humble yourself.You are not as huge as you believe you are.If you were

, the world well-known brand name would you paid you in advance for the service you demand pay for.Guess what?If you pushed your ego to the side and observed

yourself in the light of fact, you are not as big as you think you are.If you were as big as you think you are,

the huge company would state:”Hey John Doe! We wish to deal with

you. We will pay you$ 500 for a sponsored post on your blog site.”

Then you would state: “Thanks Big Brand! I will put your sponsored post for the $500 fee.”

See how easily that works? * After * you pay your online dues?But you, being

a ridiculous blogger in some cases, instantly sees profits prior to relationships (newsflash; when you construct relationships with big brand names by enabling them to initially, without serving yourself, those money chances circulation to you easily), and requires a set rate due to the fact that the “huge brand name has a big spending plan” (yes they do; for established pro bloggers who paid their charges), you simply forfeited 10 or 20 or 30 lucrative sponsored post or marketing chances down the roadway.

Your conceit, anger, and fear-based bartering simply killed the relationship with a big brand that would have presented you to somebodies.Not Known to Well

Understood Travel Blogger

It is difficult to go from travel blogging nobody to someone when you want to squeeze as much loan from the someones, when you must be kissing the somebodies’ boots, to go up in blogging circles, to develop your authority, and to see above the bickering, bartering and bitchiness (male and female naturally hehehehe …) that penetrates travel blogging circles.Do You Have a

Right to Earn a Living?Yes.Do You Have

an Ever Greater Duty to Be Generous with Your Time and Talents?Yes.Here’s how you do it: open numerous streams of earnings for your travel blog site help as many individuals

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