6-year-old with heart on his right side successfully operated in Mumbai : India, News

Sanket More, 6, coming from a farmer’s family in Aurangabad on Friday went through a successful open heart surgical treatment with unmatched problems. More was detected with numerous problems in the heart which is to the right, wherein all the heart chambers and arteries were interchanged; a large hole in the heart; the artery to lungs was narrow resulting in very poor supply of impure blood to the lungs for filtration and his heart lay in the best side of the chest instead of left.

More’s surgery lasted for 4-5 hours and was carried out by medical professionals at Mumbai’s HN Dependence Medical facility. “There are 4 chambers in a heart with 2 primary arteries. In Sanket’s case, chambers and arteries were interchanged, which is called congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (CCTGA). Given the issues we made a tunnel from left artery till the heart. This tunnel passes through the hole in Sanket’s heart,” stated Dr Shiv Prakash, a paediatric heart cosmetic surgeon who operated on Sanket.

Prakash included that their 2nd objective was on the artery which was small, for which a tube was linked to heart and lungs. “Number 3 was repairing of two collecting position at their original locations since these chambers were interchanged. This surgical treatment had to be done without injuring the coronary artery and fixing television after cutting the arteries.”

Medical professionals declared More’s surgical treatment was as unmatched one considering his age. A comparable surgical treatment had actually been done previously on a 37- year old woman and was a much safer subset. “Due to the fact that even if we took 10-12 hours for the surgery which will be within the safety barrier. However Sanket is simply 6 years of ages, and if we take that much time then the shock of this long complex surgical treatment itself will make the surgery unsustainable for life,” said Prakash.

Senior Paediatric Cardiologist Shreepal Jain and his team lagged the planning of this surgical treatment in lower time. Tremendous competent labour is needed to quick track the recovery after the surgical treatment when the kid comes out of operation room. That was looked after by Dr Jeril Kurien, paediatric cardiac anesthetist and intensivist.

“Another essential point was that we needed to look after not damaging the electrical circuit of the heart while closing the hole. This was taken care of by Dr Prakash,” said Dr Jain.

More’s mom Dwarka stated that Sanket’s face utilized to trun blue when he did exercises. “We got wrong advice from a village physician who informed us to wait till Sanket turns 5. Complications like shortness of breath and weight reduction increased. That’s why we went to a government health center from there to a paediatric cardiologist who lastly referred our case to Dr Shiv Prakash. We more than happy about his recovery and grateful to Reliance hospital.”


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