After Congress barb, PM Narendra Modi counters: Grand Stupid Thought

By: salt, and also recommending the same 18 per cent tax on luxurious automobiles, cigarettes and liquor. How can it be done? What wisdom is this? … Do you wish to take cancer to every household of the country. Whose coffers you wish to fill?”Likewise read | PM Narendra Modi a better actor than Amitabh: Rahul Gandhi Remembering the Machhu dam flood tragedy of 1979 in Morbi, the PM said he had actually spent one month operating in the town after the disaster

as an RSS employee.”When we were lifting bodies, your granny (Rahul Gandhi’s grandma Indira Gandhi) had actually pertained to Morbi. In Chitralekha(a Gujarati magazine), there was a picture of Indira Gandhi moving around while covering her nose with a handkerchief. And RSS employees were doing work of humankind then,”Modi said.He informed the audience that it was for the very first time that” their men”were in power both at the Centre and the state.” Do not let the chance go … I know Gujaratis are extremely pucca in their hisab-kitab,”the PM stated, seeking vote on the basis of development.From Morbi, Modi went to Gir Somnath’s expedition town of Prachi, 25 km from the Somnath temple, where Rahul paid obeisance previously in the day prior to kicking off his Junagadh-Amreli leg of election campaign in Saurashtra region.He stated India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had reservations over the restoration work of Somnath temple started by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He likewise stated Rahul was now”all of a sudden visiting Somnath dada(the temple divine being)”. “Your great-grandfather, who was the nation’s very first Prime Minister, had actually revealed displeasure with the reconstruction of the Somnath temple carried out by Sardar Patel.”stated Modi.Destroyed and reconstruct numerous times in the past, Vallabhbhai Patel had actually envisioned the reconstruction of the temple post-independence. The” pran-pratishtha”at the existing temple was done by Rajendra Prasad in May, 1951. He said the Congress had no future. “It has actually become a burden on the country. Neither does it have a leader, nor does it have any principle, nor is it connected to the soil or individuals.

“At Palitana, Modi’s public meeting was organised at Lunsikui location on an open ground, which has a large Muslim population. He paused his speech for a couple of minutes during azaan.(Composed by Parimal Dabhi

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