BJP Asked Me To Merge Janasena: Pawan

BJP Asked Me To Merge Janasena: Pawan

Dec 09, 2017126 Shares

BJP Asked Me To Merge Janasena: Pawan

Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan has made sensational comments on BJP national president Amit Shah who has been branded as Modi’s right-hand man.

During his interaction with his party workers from Ongole, Nellore district, Pawan stated that Amit Shah had asked him to merge Janasena into BJP and he said that he gently turned down the offer.

“Six months after NDA (BJP and TDP) came into the power, Amit Shah had met me. He told me that the future belongs to National political parties. He asked me to merge Janasena into BJP. I gently refused,” Pawan revealed.

Pawan added, “I have never asked even a photo-opp with Narendra Modi ji. What will I get if I take a photo? Instead I wish they do something to my State.”

Pawan went onto say that he has never expected any favours either from TDP or BJP and even when they come forward to do something, he said he wanted “better governance” from them but nothing else. Pawan’s emotional and strong speeches continue to swoon the party workers and sending shivers down the spine of Opposition party.


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