BJP MLA says just those Muslims will stay in India who accept Hindu culture

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Only those Muslims will stay in India who assimilate into Hindu culture: BJP MLA New Delhi |< meta itemprop =url content= ""> BJP flag at the BJP HQ in

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is seen infront of the Vidhan Sabha.(Express Picture by Tashi Tobgyal)A BJP legislator from Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh has actually landed himself in hot water after stating that once India ends up being a “Hindu rashtra”, only those Muslims will remain in the country who assimilate into the Hindu culture.

“There are a very few Muslims who are patriotic. Once India ends up being a Hindu rashtra (Hindu nation), Muslims who assimilate into our culture will stay in India. Those who will not are free to take asylum in any other nation,” Bairia MLA Surendra Singh told reporters last night.Describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an”avatar purush”(reincarnation of a divine being), Singh stated India would end up being a Hindu country by 2024.”As the RSS completes 100 years in 2025, by 2024,

India will become a Hindu rashtra. By the grace of god, India is going to be a global superpower thanks to the leadership of Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Not just will India end up being a’vishwa guru’, it will likewise become a Hindu rashtra by 2024.”The BJP MLA also took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said the Gandhi scion could never ever end up being the torchbearer of the Indian thought.”There are two sets of worths in Rahul Gandhi– one is Italian, while the other one is Indian … He can never ever end up being the torchbearer of the Indian idea.” Singh also said the Congress president did not have the strength and worths to make India strong. “His(Rahul Gandhi’s )is a mix of Indian and Italian culture,”Singh stated, claiming that the Congress chief was not familiar with what India and Indianness were all about.With PTI inputs For all the most recent India News, download Indian Express App Tags: Ashok Dhingra Jan 14, 2018 at 9:34 pm Gareebo ki roti cheen kar, chala Murari hero banney… Jai Bharatiya janta Party and its croney capitalists robbery India.

Reply harun hafeez Jan 14, 2018 at 8:42 pm I do not


  • a Celebration or the

    Man, who said what he

    did.Now did it amount to producing disaccord or spread enmity between Indians.That is left for the Courts to choose, will they take Suo Moto notification of such statements (threats)by elected agents, who hold Workplace Under oath.Looking at the way we are told the admin in the Highest Court is done, as claimed by senior judges.U don’t expect that(suo moto)to happen.When such organisations be it Minority or Majority take pleasure in political legitamacy, you have got accept that the citizen likewise believes in the really same way.About a section of Indians being less patriotic to India ending up being a Hindu Rasthra ing to Hindu Rasthra i don’t think it will be as bad as Islamic Porkistan is for the Minorities as we have a Good number of educated who think exactly what we require bad is Jobs/control of food rates and security for our cash and for ourselves


  • Aariz Mohammed

    Jan 14, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    does this MLA able to supply on what empirical evidence he is saying that “There are a few Muslims who are patriotic”!

    Reply יִםךטאַרןמןאטJan 14, 2018 at 8:09 pm Some aspects of contemporary HINDU culture worth preserving and ensuring that everyone in India follows it. (1) अबे ओए इधर आ मेरी टट्टी साफ कर (2) अबे ओए इधर आ मेरे जूते साफ कर (3) शांति अपनी बेटी को १० मिनट के लिए ज़रा ऊपर भेज (4) शांति यह रोटियाँ ले ले, परसों की हैं, कल की रोटियां हमने गाये को डाल दी हैं. Etc Etc.

    Reply Black Cobra Jan 14, 2018 at 8:07 pm From 1000 AD India has actually been reeling under the onslaught of Khyberpass marauders. Yes or no? Now we have Rohingiyya problem we are simply going into like bugs. India was divided on the basis of faith. Today every resident is paying heavy rate for inappropriate department of the country.

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    superrootid =2681617 pslideid commentlevel=1 attrid=2681617 > Reply יִםךטאַרןמןאטJan 14, 2018 at 8:12 pm What price? Hindu-Taliban.

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    BJP MLA says only those Muslims will stay in India who embrace Hindu culture

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