Bollywood Singer Papon Bares His Heart On How Becoming Famous Makes Him Miss Travelling Alone

Bollywood Singer Papon Bares His Heart On How Becoming Famous Makes Him Miss Travelling Alone

Papon is one artist who manages to bring smile on our faces even with his sad songs. The Moh Moh Ke Dhaage singer has come a long way in acquiring the position he is in. From gowing in every season of Coke Studio to recording for Befikre, Sultan, Hamari Adhuri Kahani, Papon is on the pinnacle of success. Indiatimes met Papon and spoke at length with him about how life changed post commercial fame.

On asking how much he devours success, he said,

“Who doesn’t enjoy success, but somewhere I have seen this as my parents were huge legends in Assam. I have seen their life, so there is a flip side. I used to be in Delhi, I used be a bag packer, I still am. I go to the mountains, I go biking, so I like that anonymity of life which I miss now. So there is a flip side of it where you have to constantly smile and be on cameras. 

Papon admitted that he misses his normal life way too much, especially his travelling days. We asked the singer if he travels now, “The point is more and more you become famous it becomes difficult to just anonymously travel around. Though I still travel. I have to go, because that’s me, I am a traveller, I love nature, I like to meet myself which in a city is still difficult, when you get lost is when you find yourself. So I have to go and lose myself  in the mountains, when you are alone you discover yourself way better than being in a crowd”.


At what age did he find his inner finding process, he explains,

“I think a few lives back (laugh). I have been like this. My mom and dad were legends on  stage, so they used to travel a lot for shows. So as a baby also I used to lie down on an Ambassador or some old Fiat and travel with them. The travel in me has been build up by my parents. Dad used to inspire me a lot by his travelling stories.”.


He even insisted that everyone should some spend time with themselves, “Everybody should go and spend some ‘me’ time, go back to basics. I go to some places where there is no electricity, you have go back to mother earth in a real way, we were born like that, we have evolved a lot now, but keep going back to your roots, it kinda brings you in balance. We should not isolate ourselves from nature, we should not be happy with what we have built, we do get answers of lot many things when u meet nature.” He even said that nature helps you find solution for every problem.

Papon doesn’t fear losing success, “I am a very normal guy because I have seen success in my dad. End of the day when life ends what’s important is your family, no matter how many fans you have. I have seen that in my family so I don’t take success too seriously.”

Indeed, this guy is an inspiration for real!


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