Darjeeling discontent: Mob chases West Bengal BJP chief, batters party employees

A day after the Jana Andolan Party activists protested against his go to in Kalimpong, in an indication to the < a href= target =_ blank > Mamata Banerjee federal government. There were two occurrences of protest against the BJP leader, who was first shown black flags and’go back’posters by another hill-based outfit Gorkha National Freedom Front(GNLF) on his method to Darjeeling

. Later, there were demonstrations and demonstrations at the Bijoya Sammilani which he attanded in Darjeeling, forcing the organisers to cancel the function.

Television grab revealed Ghosh being mistreated and heckled, < a href= target=_ blank > BJP activists being battered amidst shouts of “go back” on the roadway outside the function location. “Our meeting was assaulted by jerks who were intoxicated. Our people were battered. We had to stop our conference. On the road outside with no provocation, they chased our males and beat them up. Some of them (< a href= target=_ blank > BJP activists )were bloodied. These are employed jerks sent to produce problem. These are the exact same hooligans who have fomented discontent in the hills for three months, “said Ghosh

. Asked who were behind the demonstrations, Ghosh stated: “They were saying < a href= target= _ blank > Binoy Tamang zindabad … The incident might likewise have connect to Kolkata.”

“Whatever was carried out in a scheduled manner so that I leave the place, and they have a freedom to increase their strength,” said Ghosh, who later submitted a police problem.

He also declared that his party did not get any help from the administration. “The administration just does not exist.”

State Tourism Minister and senior Trinamool Congress leader Gautam Deb blamed Ghosh and his provocative remarks during his continuous tour to the hills for the occurrences.

Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee implicated Ghosh of aiming to “set off disturbances” in the hills by taking anti-socials with him, and asked the < a href=

target =_ blank > BJP leader why he had actually gone there without police protection. “Their only objective is to continue the unrest in the hills. At a time when the individuals of the hills are attempting to come out of the dark days of the shutdown, he went there with anti-socials to foment trouble.

“Now he is asking the cops to rescue him. Why did he go without any security?

“We trust the administration. Trinamool Congress is keeping a watch on whatever,” said Chatterjee, likewise the state Education Minister.

On Ghosh’s accusation that the Tamang faction of GJM lagged the attack, he replied: “I was not in the hills. How do I understand? < a href =

target= _ blank > BJP is completely accountable for developing the unrest in the hills.” Previously in the day, GNLF activists obstructed Ghosh’s convoy en route Darjeeling and agitated demanding the < a href= target =_ blank > BJP make its stand clear on the Gorkhaland problem. Nevertheless, he was able to reach Darjeeling after cops intervened to get rid of the blockade. Describing the agitation by their activists as a spontaneous outburst of angst and despair, the GNLF leadership required the < a href=

target=_ blank > BJP right away start the tripartite talks on the issue.”Now that the shutdown in the hills has been withdrawn and normalcy is returning to the hills, what is using their (< a href= target=_ blank > BJP leaders)visit to Darjeeling? Where were they in the time of crisis when we required them the most? Dilip Ghosh is anti-Gorkha and anti-Gorkhaland. We do not want these individuals here,” GNLF representative Neeraj Zimba told IANS.

“We desire the < a href = target = _ blank > BJP and the central federal government to make their stand clear. We wish to know if it is possible for them to create Gorkhaland. If it is possible why don’t they produce it and if not, then why did they make such incorrect promises during the previous election projects?” he stated.

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