Do not offer lessons in democracy, PM Modi tells Congress in counter attack in Lok Sabha

By: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha (Screengrab/LSTV)Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a counter attack versus the Congress in Lok Sabha saying Partition was an outcome of Congress’ wrong policies. Responding to the Motion of Thanks on President Ram Nath Kovind’s address, Modi said, “Not a single day has actually passed when country has not suffered due to poison planted by you (Congress).”

There was pandemonium in Lok Sabha as quickly as the PM began his speech. Modi, nevertheless, stated Opposition has the right to demonstration however not interrupt. Reacting to the Congress’ charge of muzzling the Opposition voices, the PM said the ‘Congress needs to not teach us lesson on democracy’. “The Congress crushed Opposition voices. We can not forget how the Congress insulted Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, a proud son of Andhra Pradesh. They embarrassed him. No one in India needs lessons on democracy from the Congress Celebration,” he said.Earlier on Monday,

Congress leader Ghulam NabiAzad declared that there is an atmosphere of”worry “in the nation, phones of Opposition leaders were being tapped and they had actually all been “minimized to terrorists “by the BJP-led government at the Centre.Slamming the’sycophancy culture in the Congress’, the PM said,

“You were just singing paeans of one family rather of focusing on taking the nation forward. How can one of the leaders say India got democracy due to Pandit Nehru and Congress Party? Is this their reading of India’s history? What arrogance is this? India did not get democracy due to Pandit Nehru, as Congress desires us to think. Please take a look at our abundant history. There are lots of examples of abundant democratic customs that date back centuries ago. Democracy is important to this country and remains in our culture,”he said.Read | Rahul Gandhi: PM Modi need to respond to questions, not constantly implicate Opposition Touching upon the Kashmir problem, the PM stated Sardar Patel would have unified Kashmir. “If Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would have been the very first

PM of the nation, whole Kashmir would have been ours, “he said.Narendra Modi also assaulted the Congress over its” dynasty politics.” “For decades, one celebration devoted all their energies to serving one household. The interests of the nation were examined just for the interests of one household. In December, did we witness an’election’or crowning for the post of Congress President? One youngster raised his voice about this also,” he added referring to the appointments raised by Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla over Rahul Gandhi’s elevation to presidentship.Highlighting the achievements of the NDA federal government, PM Modi stated the NDA federal government is building more roads than the previous one. “We have actually given a strong boost to the facilities sector throughout the country. More villages are getting optical fibre network in the last 3 years than they got formerly. This is the transformation taking place,” he said. “I know the Government’s efforts to get rid of corruption and black money are injuring a select group of individuals. Today, individuals who acted as Chief Ministers are in jail. Powerful one was, if one has actually been corrupt, that person will be punished. We remain in a period of honesty, “he added.Referring to the Oppositon’s charge of loopholes in Aadhaar cards, PM Modi stated that the system was very first generated by the Congress celebration

.”When our Government took workplace in, the chorus from the opposition was that we will ditch UIDAI. We however made it more efficient in terms of allowing better and reliable service delivery. Now suddenly you are discovering problems with the application.” He also implicated the Congress of leaving the country in a mess of non carrying out assets.Read| Parliament Budget Session: Live Updates Discussing jobs in the country, PM Modi implicated the Opposition of overlooking the unorganised

sector. Indian Express App © IE Online Media Solutions Pvt Ltd Tags: Ramesh Nittoor Feb 7, 2018 at 4:24 pm What Sardar Patel would have done is a matter of conjecture. The colonial world were really effective then and both India and Pakistani militaries were manned

by British Generals with a mind of their

  • own. Policies of Nehru,
    1. it should not be forgotten, gave India legal

      access to Nuclear, Rocket and other vital innovations. He envisioned market economy, through mixed-economy mode. Managing geo-politics and steering India away from machinations to which Pakistan subjected herself, avoiding India splintering, as many historians forecasted then, evolve a nonreligious, clinical temper is Nehruvian legacy. Nehru and Patel are both Congressmen, and both opposed Hindutva. Reply יִםךטאַרןמןאטFeb 7, 2018 at 4:19 pm Modi is not Governing India. He is attempting to hurt Congress. He would stop working. He remains in for a difficult lesson come 2019.

      Reply Feb 7, 2018 at 4:07 pm Can

      the Parliamentarians focus on issues connected to development/employment generation related problems than enjoying rhetorics


    2. have no values. The current pattern of denigrating leaders who are not there to protect themselves shall stop forthwith. A 70 year old democracy will begin to reveal maturity in the conversations in the Parliament. Reply< img width =56 height =56 src =""> ASHOK Feb 7, 2018 at 4:04 pm It is extremely interesting that When

    3. he remains in Election Mode he Speak About the Future,

      When he is enabled he talks about the Past. Really a Forked Tongue person


    4. Feb 7, 2018 at 4:01 pm

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