GDP implies Gross Divisive Politics for PM Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Keeping up his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Financing Minister Arun Jaitley, Congress President Rahul Gandhi blamed the Central government for ‘losses’ that the Indian economy has faced. He likewise called GDP in Modi federal government as ‘Gross Divisive Politics’.

He tweeted: “FM Jaitley’s genius integrates with Mr Modi’s Gross Divisive Politics (GDP) to give India:
New Investments: 13 year (low)
Bank credit Growth: 63 year (low)
Task creation: 8 year (low)
Farming GVA development: 1.7% (low)
Fiscal Deficit: 8 year (up)
Stalled Projects (up).”

He had actually earlier struck out at the Financing Minister describing him as “Dear Mr Jaitlie” accusing the government of lying.His Jait-lie comment had come after the minister in Parliament said that PM Modi never questioned Manmohan Singh’s integrity in connection with the accusations of a conference with Pakistan envoy to strategise for Gujarat elections.Rahul had then said: “thank you for advising India that

our PM never ever indicates exactly what he says or says exactly what he indicates.”The Congress President had previously also stated accused Jaitley for the

‘poor condition of the economy ‘.”Doctor Jaitley, note ban and GST have actually pressed the economy into the ICU.

You say you are no less than anyone, however your medication is not that efficient,” he had actually tweeted in October 2017. While marketing for Congress

in Gujarat elections, Rahul had actually consistently termed GST as the’Gabbar Singh Tax, ‘declaring that it was focused on getting people’s hard-earned loan.

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