GNLF shows black flags to state BJP chief in Darjeeling

A day after the Jana Andolan Celebration activists opposed against his check out in Kalimpong, West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Thursday was once again shown black flags and’return’posters by another hill-based outfit Gorkha< a href = target=_ blank > National Freedom Front( GNLF)on his way to hill town Darjeeling. The GNLF activists blocked Ghosh’s convoy en path Darjeeling and agitated requiring the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) make its stand clear on the Gorkhaland issue. He was able to reach < a href= target=_ blank > Darjeeling after authorities stepped in to eliminate the blockade. Terming the agitation by their activists as a spontaneous outburst of angst and anguish, the < a href= target=_ blank > GNLF leadership demanded the BJP immediately start the tripartite talks on the issue.”Now that the shutdown in the hills has been withdrawn and normalcy is returning to the hills, what is using their (< a href= target=_ blank > BJP leaders)visit to Darjeeling? Where were they in the time of crisis when we required them the most? Dilip Ghosh is anti-Gorkha and anti-Gorkhaland. We do not desire these individuals here,” < a href= target=_ blank > GNLF representative Neeraj Zimba informed IANS.

“We want the < a href = target=_ blank > BJP and the central federal government to make their stand clear. We would like to know if it is possible for them to develop Gorkhaland. If it is possible why don’t they create it and if not, then why did they make such incorrect pledges throughout the previous election campaigns?” he stated.

Zimba even more alleged that in spite of winning the election in < a href= target=_ blank > Darjeeling with a tremendous majority,

BJP MP S S Ahluwalia neither supported nor pertained to the hills throughout the crisis. “The< a href= target=_ blank > BJP in its political manifesto in 2009 and 2013, specified they would affectionately take a look at and appropriately consider the long pending need of the Gorkhas. Even (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi had stated the imagine the Gorkhas is his dream throughout his 2013 see to the hills.

“On this emotional slab, Ahluwalia was chosen as the MP of < a href = target =_ blank > Darjeeling but he neither spoke a single word about Gorkhaland nor came here in the last three months of the agitation that saw 12 people dead and numerous others injured and apprehended,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Ghosh, who has dealt with consistent resistance by the locals and hill parties throughout his three-day trip to the north Bengal hills, stated the < a href = target=_ blank > BJP is working to deal with the issues

of the Gorkhas and individuals of other ethnicity living in the area. “This is a sentimental issue of the Gorkhas. The BJP is not simply thinking about the circumstance of Gorkhas in Darjeeling, but also of more than 6 crore Gorkhas living all over the country.

“We are working so that the Gorkhas are able to cope with respect, their problems with identity and language could be figured out. We are likewise thinking about the options so that the desire of all the neighborhoods residing in the hills can be dealt with,” he said.

Ghosh, who went to Kalimpong and < a href = target = _ blank > Darjeeling during his north Bengal trip, may likewise go Sikkim for a day.


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