Govt stopping working to safeguard lives of personnel in J&K: Congress

Govt cannot secure lives of workers in J&K: Congress

TNN | File image NEW DELHI: On a day an IED blast claimed the lives of four police officers in J&K, declared that the BJP government has “singularly failed” to protect the nation’s security personnel.
The opposition celebration likewise questioned the recent hidden meeting of the NSAs of India and Pakistan. Congress representative Anand said that not a day goes without attacks on, paramilitary and cops men and all that the government has to use are “boastful” declarations and tall claims.

“Responsibility needs to be established as to why the government has actually stopped working regardless of the boastful statements of the Prime Minister and of his ministers about action throughout the border,” Sharma stated.

He included, “This federal government has actually singularly failed to assure the country of its ability to protect defence establishments and personnel.” “We are totally in the dark as to what was talked about during the recent meeting in between NSA Doval and his Pakistani equivalent,” Sharma stated.

He added, “What has been the result? Result has actually just been more attacks, more deaths, and more killings of defence workers.” Sharma said the federal government should respond to and not continue with its practice of making claims about some strike.

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