Gujarat surveys: PM Modi takes dig at Rahul Gandhi for visit to Somnath temple during Prachi rally

SURAT: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a veiled attack at the Congress Celebration, stating if he remained in power, it would be bad news for those who have robbed the country for 70 long years. The prime minister also targetted the Congress Celebration over different concerns including the OROP, the OBC neighborhood and the Somnath Temple visit.Addressing a rally

in Prachi of Gujarat’s Junagadh district, the prime minister hit out at Congress over its treatment of Sardar Patel, who helped constructed the Somnath Temple.

“Had Sardar Patel not existed, there would not have been this grand temple in Somnath. So there an individuals who visited the Somnath Temple recently [ Rahul Gandhi and Congress], I want to ask them: Do you know history? Your member of the family, our first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru was not delighted with the idea of a temple being developed there,” he stated.

“When Dr Rajendra Prasad was to come to inaugurate the Somnath Temple, Pandit Nehru expressed his displeasure on that,” the prime minister added.The prime minister further targetted Congress for seeking votes of the OBC neighborhoods, while stalling the OBC Commission.”Congress is seeking votes of the OBC neighborhoods however they ought to address why they did not allow the OBC Commission to get a Constitutional status for all these years. We brought in the relocation, it was passed by the Lok Sabha but stalled in the Rajya Sabha, where Congress has majority, “he added.Stating that Congress ruined Gujarat through its caste politics, the prime minister stated, “Those who ruled India for 70 years are now requesting my progress report. When your family was ruling, there was an SC/ST commission.”The prime minister also ensured assistance to the OBC community which they would be provided their due.”I desire to guarantee you-Congress may aim to toss many roadblocks, I am dedicated to guarantee their styles fail. The Parliament is meeting quickly and we are going to bring that concern on the floor of the Home again. We want to provide our OBC neighborhoods their due, “he assured.Prime Minister Modi went on to slam Congress saying that the celebration put the One Rank One Pension( OROP )issue on the backburner for 40 years

.”I want to ask the Congress Celebration. What is it that you have versus our army? The demand for OROP was pending for 40 long years.

Why did succeeding Congress governments do nothing about that?”he said.”Congress leaders are masters in gossiping. They just duped our soldiers. Congress had no idea of the complexities of the OROP

problem. When elections were approaching, they announced a weak Rs 500 crore for OROP whereas the real requirement was a lot higher. Had they done some research, they would have realised that Rs 500 crore was absolutely nothing,”he said.The prime minister even more said that Congress had no get in touch with the typical guy and did not have policy and management.” Congress

has no neeti(policy )or neta (Leader). It does not have any connection with the typical man. How can these individuals produce India’s fate?”he asked.Stay approximately date on all the most recent Nation news with The New Indian Express App.

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