I Am 26, Going On 27 I Still Havent Figured Out Shit In Life And Im Okay With It

We are frequently told that our twenties are expected to be our most happening years. It is expected people to have our lives sorted out by the time we topple into our thirties. We’re technically being ushered into the adult years in our early twenties, however we are not quite there yet due to the fact that mentally, let’s face it, we are still stuck in our teenagers. It’s completely all right for us then, to attempt and figure things out for ourselves. You are not supposed to conquer the world by the time you are 23 or 24. It’s alright if you simply prosper at figuring out who you are already. But, exactly what happens for those of us who are on the “wrong” side of the twenties, and still have not figured shit out?

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