It’s about time birthday boy Diljit Dosanjh begins flaunting his six pack abs in Bollywood movies

Phillauri star, Diljit Dosanjh is sad over news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and here’s how he is coping

And simply in case you are wondering if Diljit is only loaded with acting proficiency and his singing ability, you’re highly incorrect. The handsome hunk from Punjab is equally droolworthy when it comes to the fitness department. For the ones who don’t really follow him on Instagram, need to start following him ASAP for his shirtless photos are just exactly what you require when you are having a bad day. He’s insanely hot looking and well, and do not blame us if you are falling for him currently. If Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff or Sidharth Malhotra’s rock tough abs compelled you to looking at them 24 × 7, Diljit is no place behind. His shirtless selfies are an ideal way to drive any blues and we bet he’s the next huge competitor, our kids will have to deal with. Brace yourself guys! The day Diljit begins to flaunt his abs in Bollywood films, you may have lower number of female fan followers. Think we are exaggerating? Have a look at the his Instagram photos below and let us know if they are hot or incredibly hot? Likewise Read: We forced Diljit Dosanjh to caption these Kylie Jenner photos and the result was HILARIOUS– View video

On the occasion of Diljit’s 34th birthday, here’s wishing the star a terrific year ahead and we hope he continues flaunting his abs and hot body in future. That’s a great way of diversion in work.

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