It’s Time to Enhance for Google As a Recommendation Engine

By Steve Masters/ Pixabay Ask anybody what Google is and the most likely response will be that it’s a search engine, which is pretty difficult to argue with. The tech giant’s crucial platform is called Google Browse, where people type in questions and get search results page

in return.Pretty definitive stuff.Except the nature of search is significantly changing, as Google further integrates artificial intelligence and expert system into everything it does. We now get customised search results based upon our location, user history and content preferences. We get content recommendations turning up on our phones and signals for the newest news, sports results and travel updates.The further Google develops its technology, the less we find ourselves searching. Instead, Google is ending up being more of a suggestion engine than a search platform– and online marketers have to start optimising for this now.What are recommendation engines?Recommendation engines are systems that turn

user information into suggestions. We see recommendation engines in action on platforms like Netflix and Amazon, where shows and items are advised to us based upon our watching and purchase histories. Amazon recommends extra products based on those you have actually formerly seen and purchased. We also see suggestion engines in Google Now, which recommends material based on what you have actually engaged with in the past.

Google Now surfacing content based on previous interests

Google, Amazon and Netflix all utilize maker learning how to draw up user patterns and “discover”what type of content or products are most interesting to us. More compelling suggestions suggest more time invested in Google, more reveals viewed on Netflix and more products purchased on Amazon. This is a huge deal for tech giants like Google, where more time spent on its platforms equates to more advertisement revenue.For marketers, it

has to do with optimizing for a more customized experience.Creating a customised experience for everybody As quickly as that confirmation email for next week

‘s flight lands in your Gmail inbox, Google begins supplying you with flight details and weather reports for your location. Once you show up, Google utilizes your area to advise local attractions,

restaurants and other sights. Each suggestion is one less reason for individuals to open up Google Browse and actively try to find information.It’s not only travel Google wishes to help out with, either. The search giant will caution you about upcoming sports events, suggest the quickest way to obtain home after work as well as provide you ideas for what to prepare at the weekend. More and more,

Recipe recommendations

Google is replacing the search procedure with a personalized set of suggestions for whatever we perform in life. Where does this leave us in terms of optimising for a search experience where users do not really require to search for anything?Optimising for suggestionengines As search engines

continue to make more suggestions, we have to track which kind of user interests they’re targeting and exactly what recommendations they make. This is important since you need to pinpoint … check out more Check out more here::


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