Jignesh Mevani: BJP will win less than 100 seats in 2019 Lok Sabha elections : India, News

It is an entirely pointless grievance. I have asked the media to show my speeches to any distinguished criminal legal representative, the apex court or a Constitutional expert. There is not a single provocative word. I appealed for peace, however they lodged an FIR. I am injured. “SCHEDULED FOR TRIGGERING COMMON DISHARMONY Mevani and JNU trainee leader Umar Khalid have actually been scheduled for triggering common disharmony through their speeches at an Elgaar Parishad at Pune’s Shaniwarwada on December 31. The extremely next day, violent clashes in between two groups struck the bicentenary celebrations of the Koregaon Battle in between the East India Company and Peshwa Baji Rao II, where the Dalits agreed the British.The young MLA stuck to his statement, made on the day of Gujarat election results, that Modi ought to retire. “He is unimportant. He must retire and go home.”He also preserved that Modi is”anti-democratic”and” does not listen to anybody”. On accusations of promoting caste-based politics, specifically by espousing the Dalit cause, in 21st century India, Mevani said,”When Dalits are oppressed, we support the neighborhood. When we require 2 crore tasks, we want

it for everybody, not just Dalits or Patels.” LIKEWISE VIEW: Jignesh Mevani to India Today: PM Modi should practice

constitutional approaches, not Manusmriti


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