Kajol: More stars like Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Dear Zindagi’, please!

Kajol has actually most likely spearheaded the motion for content based films, right from her prime days in Bollywood. Now, everybody is mainly looking forward to doing a film with a fantastic script. She is delighted with the change. Kajol states, “It’s slow however it’s occurring. There’s a sweet departure from the usual song and dance series that actresses were being used for.Instead, there is

more of content and women veering to such movies.”She likewise adds the filmmakers and stars are being encouraging,”When you talk about a female oriented movie, you have to thank the directors and producers who are backing those films. Take a look at a film like Dear Zindagi. I believe it was a brilliantmovie and for Shah Rukh to come and do his bit for a movie that completely comes from Alia, that likewise takes nerve and I wish and hope to see more actors doing this. It should become a universal space for all.”Report Bollywood Entertainment After Hrs Correspondent DNA


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