Kareena Kapoor Khan’s recent bikini picture gets trolled for being photoshopped

Blame video game and trolling has become such an integral part of the glamour world. When you can’t love someone or speak a couple of good words, all you have to do is spread out some hatred. It’s more of an attention seeking phenomena. While numerous Bollywood celebrities fall prey to such ludicrous trolls on social media everyday, few of them annoy us so much that our blood curdles. We aren’t exaggerating when we state how annoying and low some individuals can go to please their delicate egos at somebody else’s stake. While the whole world is hectic appreciating Brace yourself! Kareena Kapoor Khan’s most current swimsuit photos ensure that you won’t offer up on your fitness resolutions just yet

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was earlier fat shamed for having ‘fat legs’ just 9 months post her delivery, is now being trolled for her recent photoshoot pictures. Lots of think that Kareena’s recent orange swimsuit image was photoshopped as accomplishing such lean frame after accepting motherhood is impossible. The problem is not about them calling the image as a photoshop marvel but the words that are later on connected to it. This ain’t real … Where r the stretch marks and the stomach sag? The additional pounds on thighs? If this is your concept of body-perfection then possibly you are even embarrassed of the way your mommy looks … This was simply one amongst the many remarks that flooded the area. And if that wasn’t enough, some were lame enough to start a faith war just on a simple bikini image.“This is what takes place when you insult hinduism by weding mleccha and promote hinduhatred by imposing islam on your hindu kid god disfiguers you as nature protests abrahmic faiths as islam is not a religion however arabic slavery.” This was simply the start of the war of words which intensified later.Is there something seriously wrong with our society? Are we so weak and puny that we need to resort to such procedures to satisfy our self esteem. Battling religious wars on simple images is just ludicrous and we hope we outgrow it. Debating if a photo is photoshopped or not is a far brought thing, but that we contest such minor problems itself is alarming.

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