Kudos! Actress Anjali Anand nails 14-minute monologue on fat shaming in one take

<< img title="Anjali Anand" src="" alt="Anjali Anand"/><>< br/ > Anjali Anand Anjali Anand, who plays Deepika in Dhhai Kilo Prem, has aimed for a 14-minute monologue revealing her feelings on fat shaming. She accomplished in one take.< The line between reel and real merged for the actress as the cast and crew got into applause viewing her perform.< Anjali, who is a large size in reality, was found by manufacturer Sandiip Sikcand at a coffeehouse chewing on cake. He felt she would be apt to be the heroine of his program.< Trending Video< Enjoy video: Oops! Katrina Kaif suffers closet malfunction<< div id=">&vnVideoPlayerContent”> & nbsp;//

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