Let the `bechara` become party chief first: Smriti Irani on Rahul Gandhi

Let the ‘bechara’ become party chief initially: Smriti Irani &on Rahul Gandhi Smriti Irani on Saturday dismissed Rahul Gandhi becoming the country’s leader. Mumbai: Union Details and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday took a dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, stating let the” bechara “(poor thing) very first ended up being party chief, and dismissed his becoming the nation’s leader.During the fast fire round at the conference -‘ We The Women ‘on Saturday here, Irani was asked who is the most overrated politician.Without describing Gandhi, who is set to end up being Congress chief this week, she stated dismissively:”Bechare ko abhi president to banne do (let the bad thing end up being the party President initially). Let him end up being the President of his own party. I am not even speaking about the nation.”TELEVISION and film producer Ekta Kapoor was asked the exact same question. She declined to discuss it, and went on to ask filmmaker Karan Johar,”Do n`t you believe there is a lot nepotism in politics?”Both Karan and Irani said,”Yes, we agree. “Contributing to it, Karan, who had actually stirred up a row for raising the problem of nepotism at an award function, said,”As filmy as it sounds, ‘Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do ‘( For the God’s sake, please

leave me ). “


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