Lucknow’s Haj House painted saffron by Uttar Pradesh’s BJP federal government

Lucknow’s Haj House painted saffron by Uttar Pradesh’s BJP federal government

Highlights The colour saffron is most frequently related to Hinduism, and especially with the Sangh Parivar which the BJP is a part An area of Muslims and some opposition celebrations have actually challenged the Haj Home exterior being painted saffron But one Muslim UP minister discovered absolutely nothing objectionable about this saffronisation Haj Home

in Lucknow (Picture: ANI)

Lucknow's Haj House painted saffron by Uttar Pradesh's BJP government

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“There is no requirement for controversy in such things, saffron is an energetic and brilliant looking colour, the building looks gorgeous,” stated Mohsin Raza, a minister in the government in UP.

“Opposition has no huge concerns versus us so they raise inconsequential things,” alleged Raza.

The Haj House facilitates remote check-in, pre-immigration and pre-customs checks for pilgrims. It also has a prayer hall and a different residential block to accommodate about 200 pilgrims.

Thee BJP government in UP has been on a drive to paint structures saffron.

It has actually painted in the BJP’s colour on the secretariat annex building that houses the workplaces of chief minister Adityanath and top bureaucrats.

In September, the state government rolled out saffron-coloured buses. The department of energy, too, chose to paint electrical pole saffron. And the details department’s main site and brochure are likewise coloured similarly.

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