Make up artist creates Zodiac signs looks in best way imaginable

Agree on it or not we all are curious about our horoscopes in our Zodiac signs. Many times these star signs are taken to weave stories, folks, legends etc. They have also been subjected of astronomical fantasies. Where the signs are imagines to take forms of humans and animals. Well, here we have Toronto based artist Setareh Hosseini, who has used her amazing makeup skills to transform into zodiac signs each in a unique look.

Setareh Hosseini

 Setareh Hosseini

Here are the amazing transformations.

#1. Sagittarius


You definitely wouldn’t wanna be target of her arrow

#2. Leo


Those eyes speak volumes of danger

#3. Scorpio


Definitely not a good idea to be stung

#4. Taurus


Beware: Hot and fierce temper would be released if pushed to my limits

#5. Cancer


Her tough shell guards her tender soul

#6. Aries


Untainted and Unafraid

#7. Pisces


My Selflessness is my strength so don’t even think otherwise

#8. Capricorn


Determination and loyalty are not to be messed with

#9. Aquarius 


My elegance can drown your arrogance

#10. Virgo 


Maiden of the world

#11. Libra


Unique balance of the world

#12. Gemini

Gemini Mystic force of contradiction

So what do you think of the looks? Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

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