Mira-Bhayandar municipal polls: Sena to move EC versus Jain monk’s video appeal to vote for BJP: India, News

A Jain monk’s attract voters to exercise their franchise in favour of the BJP in the Mira-Bhayandar local election has actually drawn flak from the Shiv Sena.Shiv Sena has challenged a video by a renowned Jain muni asking individuals to elect the BJP in the Mira Bhayander community surveys. Sena is now preparing to move the Election Commission alleging that the BJP has actually sought votes in the name of religion.The appeal was

made by influential Jain Muni Naypadmasagarji Maharaj. The monk, who has a big following amongst the Jain community throughout the world, was seen appealing in a video that went viral to elect the BJP in the name of vegetarianism.

Two years ago, the Paryushan Parv had stired a debate when the Shiv Sena emphatically opposed the closure of slaughterhouses during the celebration, that is holy for the Jain community.In his appeal in the

video, Naypadmasagar said, “On the same day last year, Mira Bhayandar experienced a havoc during Paryushan Parv. This is the time to increase in regard for non-violence. This is a do-or-die election. You need to choose in between violence and non-violence. One vote that you cast will save the lives of a number of animals.”The monk adds,”If you don’t choose BJP, brand-new slaughterhouses will open. If you don’t vote, chicken will be cooked outside Jain temples. If you don’t vote, Narendra Modi and Devendra Fadnavis will end up being weak. Omelette and egg shops will open in every corner. Vote on the 20th. I have complete faith in BJP. “SENA OBJECTS TO APPEAL ON RELIGIOUS PREMISES Calling

it an appeal on religious grounds, Shiv Sena has

raised major objections to it. The Shiv Sena, which stood a distant 2nd to BJP in Mira Bhayandar election results, is now preparing legal action or might even approach the Election Commission. Speaking with India Today, Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik, who was heading the project in Mira Bhayander, said,”The Jain monk is plainly seen requesting votes on religious lines to make Mumbai a vegetarian city. Today we have a Jain religious expert, tomorrow we may see Muslim, Christian or other spiritual experts asking for votes. “”There are Supreme Court’s instructions against asking for votes on

religious premises. It’s incorrect and prohibited to ask for votes on religious premises”, Sarnaik added. The party is now contemplating to appeal to the Election Commission about the issue.And it’s not just the Shiv Sena. Even celebrations such as the Nationalist Congress Celebration (NCP )too have actually taken strong objections. “The chief minister met Jain monks before the election. The jain monk appealed for choose BJP. The BJP was trying to appease a certain community. This goes to reveal how low the BJP can stoop”, alleged NCP leader Nawab Malik. The BJP is, however, safeguarding the video appeal.”There are spiritual beliefs of Hindus. There are religious sentiments of Muslims. There are religious beliefs of every other religion involved. Similalrly, there are spiritual beliefs of the Jain neighborhood. The paryushan parv is a sacred time for them. It’s not wrong to consider their religious beliefs”, said BJP leader Shaina NC.


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