Muslim Teen Texts Her Father She Wants to Take Her Hijab Off; Read His Heartwarming Reply!

Lamyaa, a 17-year-old Muslim teenager living in Pennsylvania texted her Dad that she desired to take her Hijab off, and the reply her daddy sent out is grabbing a great deal of online attention today.

Her dad, who resides in Saudi Arabia, very first texted her that he would support her no matter what even if she chooses to take her hijab off and then asks in a concerned way whether there was anything incorrect happening to her.

As quickly as she got this reply she tweeted it online where lots of people were touched by the steadfast assistance her daddy revealed her.

Many individuals went on stating that they were highly encouraging alongside her father for the choice whereas many also mentioned that they did not have the advantage, nor the very same kind of support from any of their relative to do the exact same.

When I saw how sweet my father’s response was I felt that this showed something; it proved that misunderstandings are frequently made about individuals who wind up being the exact opposite,” mentioned Lamyaa.

This took place after a young boy in a group chat told Lamyaa that her father would beat her if she decides to take her hijab off.

Lamyaa herself said that she never had the plan to take her hijab off, she just wished to show an indicate the young boy who stated her daddy would decline it if she took the said decision.

One twitter user with the user name, @mochamomma said “I enjoy this entire thing. There’s trust and mutual respect and, above all, love.

With a great deal of vital replies for her tweet well, Lamyaa responded, “A great deal of individuals mistook this tweet as my saying no ladies are required to wear hijab … that was not the point of the tweet.”

No matter what, the assistance has actually truly touched the heart of lots of.

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