Nitish Kumar rebukes ‘janeu-dhari ‘Rahul Gandhi, states Congress promoting caste-based inequality

PATNA: At a time when there have been talks of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi being a “janeu-dhari Hindu” (one who wears the sacred thread), Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has actually criticised the celebration of “veering to extremism”.

“These patterns reveal the celebration is veering towards extremism in its mission for votes. This is something it has constantly accused the BJP of,” he said.Speaking up versus

the use of the term “janeu-dhari”, Nitish stated that the sacred thread was a mark of “caste-based inequality. He recalled how socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan had chosen not to wear the thread and had actually also asked his followers to discard it.

“By happily flaunting janeu, the party has actually unsuspectingly pushed away a big area of the society which has actually been at the receiving end of the rigid caste hierarchy,” Kumar alleged.The Congress

had earlier declared that Rahul was a “janeu-dhari Hindu” after a row emerged over the supposed listing of his name in the register for non-Hinuds at the Somnath temple in Gujarat.He likewise stated

that the purposeful sidelining of leading leaders like Ahmed Patel also reveals that people in lower rungs of the Congress can never be elevated to leading positions

“The person to be elected for the top position in the Congress is predetermined. Individuals may desire get a location in the lower rungs but can never ever assume the leadership of the party,” he stated.

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