Pakistan: Watch man in Karachi take out his pet lioness in the back of his pickup truck : FYI, News

A man in Pakistan took his pet on a parade. A family pet none other than a feline, an extremely huge cat, who was seen in the back of a car.The male owned his pet lioness through the streets of Karachi and the lioness was in the back of his choice up truck. The footage because then has gone viral.Saqlain Javed is a regional pet dealer and is notoriously called Saqlain Sher Wala in his neighbourhood. According to him, he was going back home after getting his lioness vaccinated. It was then when the video was recorded, according to the Khaleej Times report.The entire incident shocked the commuters and they soon started taping videos. All this while, the lioness was lying in the back of the pickup truck as other cars and pedestrians went previous Saqlain’s truck.

The incident stopped traffic around Meena Fete in Karimabad, Karachi when individuals caught a glimpse of a lion travelling in a vehicle.

The video sparked problems from lots of citizens which led to Saqlain’s arrest on Thursday.At a bail hearing, Saqlain’s lawyers put forth the argument that he has a license for the pet which he got in 2007, and is an obedient citizen.The judge might quickly accommodate the abovementioned reality and Saqlain was launched under the condition that he keeps the pet lioness in the house. The judge set his bail amount at Rs 20,000. “We have actually released the implicated on bail but

registered a case of irresponsible conduct with an animal,” RT priced estimate Muqadas Haider, a senior cops officer.According to Karachi police, Saqlain Javed has a personal zoo

license which permits him to keep wild animals in your home. He is prohibited from bringing lions on the streets of the city or other crowded locations.”My only mistake was to keep the lion at the back of my car outdoors.

In my house there is a large enclosure for the lion. The social networks blew the event out of proportion, which is why I was apprehended, “Saqlain told< a href=""target="_ blank"> The Express Tribune.


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