Planning to visit Jatayu Earth’s Center in Kerala? Here are some things you have to know: Experience Travel, News

Preparation to go to Jatayu Earth’s Center in Kerala? Here are some things you require to know

Here’s what you must remember before visiting this environment-friendly, experience paradise in Kerala.

Picture courtesy: Facebook/Jatayu Adventure Center Image courtesy: Facebook/Jatayu Experience Center If the attractive landscape of God’s Own Country, Kerala, wasn’t enough, the State has now presented yet another destination that will undoubtedly entice a lot of travel enthusiasts.We are talking about the freshly inaugurated Jatayu Earth’s Center, located in Chadayamangalam, about 50 km from Trivandrum.A one-of-kind centre for experience, the Jatayu Earth

‘s Center is the brain child of popular movie director and carver, Rajiv Anchal. Located about 1000 ft above the water level, the centre makes up an enormous, concrete sculpture of Jatayu, the legendary bird from the legendary Ramayana. It is 200 ft long, 150 ft broad and 70 ft tall, hence making it the biggest functional bird sculpture in the world.The centre, spread out across 65 acres of land, opened its gates in August this

year and has already experienced adrenaline junkies from numerous parts of the country come and enjoy adventure sports. And if this centre is the next destination on your list, here are certain things that you have to understand before

making the bookings. Photo courtesy: Facebook/Jatayu Experience 1. To take part in the adventure activities, a group of at least 10 individuals will be required for booking the centre, discusses the official website. A large group, on the other hand, should contact the centre straight. 2. Rates generally start from Rs 3500, per individual. One can get discounts if checking out in bigger groups. Image courtesy: Facebook/Jatayu Experience

3. A day-long adventure training program will be conducted under the assistance of a professional team. The plan booked will include about 15 challenging adventure activities, along with outdoor paintball, trekking through the wild and a gorgeous view of the sunset from the Jatayu hilltop.4. Just people, above the age of 14, will be enabled to participate in the adventure activities

, reported The Better India.


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