PM Narendra Modi advises officers to take postings in backwards district

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said uplifting backwards districts of an area will change the entire state and urged federal government officials to challenge themselves by taking posts in those districts.Modi stated that by

creating success stories in such backwards districts– which he called the aspirational districts– an environment of self-confidence would be developed among individuals who would begin thinking that anything is possible.”Once the people of India choose to do something, nothing is difficult,” Modi said at a conference on”Improvement of Aspirational Districts “. “Serving in less industrialized districts might not be attractive however it supplies a huge opportunity to bring a favorable distinction through innovative methods.” On April 14, we commemorate the jayanti of Babasaheb Ambedkar. Let us commit these

coming three months to pioneering innovation in the less industrialized districts and transform the lives of the bad,”Modi said.He stated that relative backwardness of some regions is an oppression to the individuals of those areas.

Because context, he included, this effort to establish 115 backwards districts, is in keeping with the vision of Dr (B.R. )Ambedkar, who worked for the upliftment of the under-privileged. The NITI Aayog has determined 115 aspirational districts from different parts of the nation which the government plans to change by 2022. Modi included that boosting the aspirational district of an area will transform the entire state and one could start with achieving

low hanging fruits to develop success stories to develop self-confidence and inspiration.”We have to determine existing aspirations in the districts and channelise them to create a causal sequence for changing them,” he said.

“Think of the transformational modification throughout the country once our recognized aspirational districts start taking 10 actions forward.

“Modi said that while some officers are hesitant to take postings in those areas which are thought to be backwards,”those who get to operate in our aspirational districts are fortunate to have an opportunity to produce great accomplishment and fulfillment in their life journey “. The Prime Minister said that overall and inclusive development was essential as even in the states with strong advancement indicators, there would be specific areas which would require greater push for development.He stated that regional imbalances need to not be allowed to increase forever.” Therefore, the development of backwards districts is vital. Success stories are important to alter the negative mind and mindset

in these locations. The primary step is to convert this mindset of pessimism into among optimism,”he stated.


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