Police arrests modern-day Robin Hood who loots Delhi’s rich, helps Bihar’s poor : FYI, News

Police arrests modern-day Robin Hood who robs Delhi’s rich, assists Bihar’s bad

The contemporary Robin Hood, Irfan alias Aryan Khanna, would steal from the abundant and spend a part on the bad.

Irfan loved to buy cars and expensive accessories.< img src =""width= "647"line up= "middle"alt="Irfan liked to purchase cars and pricey accessories."title="Irfan loved to buy cars and trucks and expensive accessories.">

Irfan loved to buy vehicles and pricey accessories.Meet Irfan, burglar and a messiah.Irfan is a burglar for the abundant in Delhi but a messiah for the poor in Bihar. A modern-day Robin Hood.

Cops jailed Irfan on July 6 from his village in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district. Irfan would take from your homes of classy nests of Delhi and live a lavish life. He purchased costly cars and trucks and checked out clubs in Mumbai and Delhi.

But back in his village in Bihar, he had a picture of a generous young male. He would spend a part of the loot on the bad villagers, organizing health camps and using complimentary food.Deputy Commissioner of Police Romil Baaniya informed TOI,” He maintained a larger-than-life image in his native location. He would often fund health camps for individuals in his town.”To prevent being caught, Irfan would stroll barefoot in chic nests and burst doors and windows of houses. He constantly worked alone.Irfan was captured on CCTV video footage of Delhi’s New Buddies Colony and this caused his arrest.

The authorities said he was quite active on social networks and invested large amounts of loan on his girlfriend.Irfan used Facebook with pseudonym Aryaan khanna. He would present himself as the owner of Khanna Industries.

Irfan when used to pay Rs 10,000 just to hear a song in a bar in Delhi, stated Baaniya.The authorities also said that Irfan declares to have actually dedicated burglaries in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab as well.Well, the modern-day Robin Hood seems similarly generous and self-centered, with a great taste for life for himself as well as the villagers.


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