Prepare a strategy to secure the Taj Mahal for 400 years, Supreme Court tells Uttar Pradesh federal government: India, News


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    This workout will require expertise from all stake holders: SC bench

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    Monument needs to be secured not for simply 1 generation, but 300-400 years: SC bench

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    Measures being considered Taj’s defense ‘ad-hoc’: SC bench

The Supreme Court on Friday directed the Uttar Pradesh government to prepare an extensive vision file and plan for the security and preservation of needs to be protected not for just one generation but for 300 to 400 years to come, the bench said.HOLISTIC PLAN As ASG

Mehta informed the court

that November 27 interaction by the Uttar Pradesh government says that the School of Planning and Architecture would prepare the plan in consultation with the stake holder, Justice Lokur quipped if stakeholder suggested the “commissioner of Agra Division” and informed him the court does not desire a governmental strategy but a holistic strategy resolving the diverse aspects relating to the monument’s conservation and defense and the environment around it.”They must seek advice from the professionals.

There is no scarcity of them. There is no rush. No requirement for a governmental response. We have actually seen exactly what it(bureaucratic response)suggests from time to time,”the bench said. “You can have an interim report.

Do not remain in rush. You are looking for something that needs to last for 400 years,”said Justice Lokur.Holding that” we have to look at it in a pragmatic method”, he said:” What is required is a larger take a look at the picture. Earlier we had 5 year prepares with some goals and objectives. “Referring to the Narendra Modi government’s objective of a new India by 2022, Justice Lokur said:”You can’t have a brand-new India with your hands in pocket … “Explaining that 70 percent of the trees being planted were perishing, the court said:” When you do not have a strategy and take ad hoc measures, then such things take place.”Providing liberty to the School of Preparation and Architecture to approach it for

any clarification, the court directed the listing of the matter after eight weeks.WATCH| Taj Mahal was originally a temple called Tejo Mahal committed to Lord Shiva, says BJP MP Vinay Katiyar


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