When in doubt, Google it.And when in further doubt, Wikipedia it.Certainly, it

‘s not the most precise source of info, but never let it be stated the complimentary online encyclopedia isn’t really quick off the mark when it pertains to upgrading its information. In reality, that’s exactly what we kept in mind in between 2.12 pm– a few minutes after Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind was named NDA candidate for the Presidential Election– and 3.07 pm, by which point reactions had started pouring in.


At 2.12 pm, his Wikipedia page was no more than a perfunctory one. It brought a couple of lines about his present occupation, a scattering of details about his past and a line noting that “On June 19, 2017, BJP president Amit Shah declared him as the agreement prospect for the post of Indian President.” (sic)

A little over 20 minutes later (at 2.33 pm, to be precise), the Wikipedia page had broadened massively. Apart from an in-depth CV, there were also what seemed areas from a press release detailing different accomplishments of ‘Shri Ram Nath Kovind’.

And by 3.07 pm, the slicker and structured page even had a photo on it.Now, if just Indian politics, particularly elections, moved as quickly as Wikipedia updates do.Published Date: Jun 19,

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