Rafale deal: Congress ratings a self goal with misplaced claims and ill-informed criticism

Congress President Rahul Gandhi the other day questioned Federal government of India for Rafale deal, indicating corruption, favouritism in the procurement of the jets.Top Trick(Not for Circulation)RM says the cost negotiated
for each RAFALE jet

by the PM and his”trustworthy”friend is a state secret.Action Points 1. Informing Parliament about the cost is a national security threat 2. Brand all who ask, Anti National #TheGreatRafaleMystery In all this, Gandhi forgot that it remained in 2008 that Government of India got in into a

Security Agreement which safeguards classified info and material exchanged under the Inter-Governmental Agreement. In 2008, A K Antony was the UPA government’s Defence Minister, who had entered into this agreement.Moreover, in 2007, throughout a Parliament session, when Antony was asked details about purchasing rockets from Israel, Antony said,” disclosing details in this regard on the floor of your home would not remain in the interest of national security.”. @OfficeOfRG whats this?!? Saint Antony, YOUR defence minister, refusing to reveal prices of rockets in reaction

to a question from @SitaramYechury Not simply that, there are more instances where Congress-led government said they might not divulge information of the defence buying 36 Rafale airplanes for$8.7 billion without transfer of innovation agreement.To make things clear, UPA never ever got into signing a contract for Rafale offer. They were still in the settlement stage. In 2001, Indian Flying force looked for additional fighter jets. However, the actual procurement treatment began in 2007. Antony authorized Request

For Proposition(RFP )to acquire 126 aircrafts in August 2007. While the initial offer was approximated at$10.8 billion, with 18 of them in flyaway condition and staying to be developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited( HAL )under transfer of innovation arrangement. The offer never went through. The settlements began from 2012 which had been going on for four years till the final contract was checked in 2016. The claims of Congress that they had signed a better offer than NDA, are factually incorrect.More than that, the Rafale fighter jets are not part of standard fighter squadron bean count in the strictest sense. The Indian Rafale is also a tactical shipment weapon for air-delivered nuclear devices. Which ways, these jets become part of India’s nuclear rockets related objective. , while they will also serve as conventional deterrents for their tactical area on Pakistan and China frontiers, their function is rather specified.3. Private gamers are benefiting out of the deal.In November 2017, Congress representative Randeep Surjewala supposed a’substantial fraud’in the Rafale deal and implicated Modi Government of’promoting the interests of Prime Minister’s crony capitalist buddies’. He implicated Modi Federal government of violating Defence Procurement Treatment and bypassed interest of HAL. He cast aspersions on Anil Ambani led Dependence Defence Limited for alleged corruption. While Reliance has called these claims unwarranted the truth is far from exactly what Congress is saying. Part of the arrangement with French Federal government states that private gamers will be allowed to make such jets to break the monopoly of HAL and likewise bring in competitiveness which would cause much better competitive rates and quality. Private players have been pursuing decades to go into defence manufacture sector, but HAL is said to have a strong government lobby, which is why it never ever materialised. In Might last year, the federal government provided nod to’tactical collaboration’policy in the defence sector which unlocked for Indian economic sector gamers to start making high-end defence devices and weapons in collaboration with foreign initial equipment makers(OEMs). With this, private players could enter 4 essential segments in defence-fighter aircrafts, helicopters, submarines and armoured vehicles such as tanks.The truth that Congress is attacking the federal government on these points simply shows either they are hypocrites or are wilfully aiming to misguide individuals by offering partial and factually inaccurate information.

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