Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi: Ended up chest thumping? Now, explain how China widened roadway in Doklam

Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi: Ended up chest thumping? Now, discuss how China expanded roadway in Doklam

Highlights”Modiji, when you’re done thumping your chest, could you please discuss this?”, asked Rahul asked about Doklam
  • This new Chinese roadway building comes even as India and China are maintaining stepped-up military force-levels near the Doklam website
  • In July, Indian troops stopped China’s extending the existing road in the Bhutanese area of Doklam
  • BRAND-NEW DELHI: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi maintained the pressure on PM Narendra Modi, by asking him on Friday to describe how China handled to expand its existing motorable road in despite the heavy Indian Army existence there.

    This new Chinese road building comes a time when both India and China are keeping stepped-up military force-levels near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction despite the competing soldiers having disengaged from the actual face-off website at Doklam on August 28.

    In July, Indian soldiers stopped China’s People’s Liberation Army from extending the existing motorable road in the Bhutanese territory of Doklam.

    India has not yet objected to China’s fresh road-construction activity, which is around 10-km from the earlier soldiers face-off website, due to the fact that it is not being done to the militarily-sensitive Jampheri Ridge location like previously.

    “The PLA is now utilizing the construction material and bulldozers it had brought to the face-off site at Doklam to improve the road it integrated in the area some years ago,” said a source to TOI.

    “China is strengthening its claim on the Doklam territory (India backs Bhutan’s claim on it) by upgrading the road around 10-km north and east of the earlier face-off website. The PLA has been managing the road for some years and routinely sends out patrols to the location,” the source included.

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