Reply to ‘Godly, Incorruptible, Honourable, Statesman, Economics Legend’ Ex-PM Dr Manmohan Singh

Dear Dr Manmohan Singh,

As a resident of this excellent country of ours, who has actually been following Indian politics for rather a long time now, I rejoice after reading your letter to PM Modi. It appears that you have actually lastly started feeling some pain and anguish. The effect of the anesthesia that you had injected in yourself appears to be lastly using off after you (the good news is) ceased to be the PM of the nation.

Dr Manmohan Singh, Where was the discomfort and where was the suffering when rip-off after rip-off occurred right under your nose when you were the PM? 2G, Coalgate, Agusta-Westland, Commonwealth, National Herald, the list is unlimited. It must be kept in mind that you were the Coal Minister when Coalgate happened. Your silence is well documented in the book by Vinod Rai. You were mindful of all the rot that was occurring, however opted to remain silent.

In 2004, UPA inherited an economy with over 7% development and with policy paralysis and corruption, UPA government brought the growth rate to under 5%. At around 5%, Fiscal deficit was at an all-time high. Inflation was at an all-time high and our foreign reserve was less. For all your accusations of the BJP being crony capitalists, the NPA problem that we have today is a result of your policies in which some banks were pressurized to give loans to the huge business despite understanding that the cash is not going to repaid. What about the Food Security Costs!.?. !? Despite knowing that it is a misstep for the economy, you still went on with it only because you might not go versus Madam. You are supposed to be one of the world’s best financial experts with elegant degrees. How could you enable all this to happen Dr Manmohan Singh? When all this did occur, were you not hurt or anguished?

Where was your discomfort and where was the suffering Dr Manmohan Singh when the Authority of Prime Minister was shamed by Rahul Gandhi when he publicly tore an ordinance and described it ‘nonsense’? After that, throughout the 2014 elections, you shamelessly said that you want to work under him. Why Dr Manmohan Singh, Why?

Dr Manmohan Singh, where was the pain and where was the anguish when you openly said that minorities have the very first right to the resources of the nation!.?. !? Was it not outright minority appeasement? I am not from the minority neighborhood. Why should I be dealt with like a second-class resident in my own country? Your celebration, regardless of the tall talks of addition and secularism, has constantly divided individuals in the name of caste and faith.

Where was the pain and where was the distress when your General Secretary Digvijay Singh brazenly termed 26/11′ RSS ki Saazish’as well as took part in a book launch with the very same title? Was it not a deliberate attempt to malign the organization to please the minorities? When Rahul Gandhi was caught on Wikileaks stating Hindu terror positioned a higher threat to India and not Islamic terror, thus implying that companies like LeT, SIMI and JeM were not much of a threat, you were silent about the entire thing.

Dr Manmohan Singh, When your Home Minister < a href=" "> P Chidambaram created the legendary saffron terror theory, why were you not anguished or hurt? The Malegaon blasts clearly indicated radical organizations SIMI and LeT. In the name of secularism, your celebration twisted the story and raised the Hindu horror angle and you did exactly what you were best at, which is to keep quiet about the entire thing.

When you and your party demonized the then Gujarat CM Modi for the 2002 riots regardless of the Supreme Court appointed SIT verifying that there was no incorrect doing, were you not undermining the organization of Supreme Court? You yourself made a statement that Modi presided over the mass massacre of Muslims. Was this not an irresponsible and undesirable declaration from the PM of the country, intended to develop fear amongst the Muslims? At that time, no one suffered you striking listed below the belt.

In your letter Dr Manmohan Singh, you likewise say that the Congress party does not require sermons on Nationalism from anyone. Apart from the scams pointed out above, was it nationalism that took Rahul Gandhi to JNU to support elements that chanted ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’? After 26/11, when our Air Force was all set to carry out surgical strikes, it was your government that stopped the operation. Was this nationalism? What about Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese envoy throughout the Doklam crisis? What about Mani Shankar Aiyar publicly telling in Pakistan inko hataiye aur humein laayiye’? Nationalism? Times Now and Republic are coming up with new exposes on the UPA government on a really regular basis and some of them, like the Safdar Nagori tapes are exceptionally chilling. Exactly what you did then certainly did not amount to nationalism by any stretch of creativity.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) was conceived first by the UPA government and lastly when it saw the light of the day after languishing in Parliament, you decided to not take part in the launch in spite of being invited by the government. Your celebration is hectic creating panic in the minds of the individuals by attempting to give an image that it is a problematic GST or Gabbar Singh Tax and you had envisioned a single rate. Do you actually believe a Hawai slipper and an Audi car should be taxed alike? If yes, we would like to hear from the master financial expert on what that tax rate must be. Would you concur that your celebration is creating a narrative of a problematic GST for strictly political functions?

Dr Manmohan Singh– you talk about an imminent defeat in Gujarat for the BJP. This only reminds me of Mani Shankar Ayer’s statement that ‘Modi Pradhan Mantri nahi banenge, nahi banenege, nahi banenge’. In any case, if luck does not enter your favor and you end up losing the elections, would you, like other Congressmen, also blame the EVMs and malign the institution of the Election Commission to save Rahul Gandhi? Would you go to the extent of propagating the popular Bluetooth theory? We would like to have your views on this on 18th Dec.

. Dr Manmohan Singh, you are expecting an apology from the PM for the declaration that he has made. Will you apologize to the country for all the misdeeds that have taken place when you were the PM?

You played an important part in the 1991 liberalization (It need to likewise be discussed here that the then PM PV Narasimha Rao was insulted by Madam after his death and you selected to keep peaceful about it) when you ended up being the PM, the entire country was enthusiastic that a person of your education and stature is going to lead the country and will take us to excellent heights. But alas, your commitment for the first household without a doubt eclipsed your Rajdharma and UPA 2 was a dark chapter in the history of India. If I have to draw an analogy, you are like Dhrithrashtra of Mahabharata, who selected his son over Rajdharma.

History is certainly not going to respect you as you had actually hoped it would be. Will you apologize to the nation Dr Manmohan Singh?

Yours truly
A person of this Republic, who was sick and fed up of your (mis)ruleTop of Type


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