Roadies legend Raghu Ram completes one year without smoking : Celebrity, News

Roadies legend Raghu Ram finishes one year without smoking cigarettes

Raghu shared the news with his fans on Twitter.

Raghu Ram completes a year with cigarettes. Picture courtesy: Twitter/tweetfromrahgu Raghu Ram finishes a year with cigarettes. Image courtesy: Twitter/tweetfromrahgu Raghu Ram, who increased to popularity with Roadies, has ended up being a non-smoker and has completed a year without cigarette smoking. Raghu on Wednesday required to Twitter to share his excitement with his fans and followers that leaving smoking is worth it.

I was a heavy smoker. 20+ cigarettes a day. On Apr 26th 2016, I chose to give up. Cold turkey. I finish 1 year today. Delighted #KickTheButt- Raghu Ram( @tweetfromRaghu) April 26, 2017-Raghu Ram(@tweetfromRaghu) April 26, 2017″I’m not stating it’ll be easy … I’m

stating it’ll deserve it! 1 year … Non smoker Kick the butt,” Raghu tweeted.

Raghu earlier was a part of youth based truth program Roadies. He along with his twin sibling Rajiv Laxman has actually also acted in a couple of Bollywood films like Tees Maar Khan in 2010. Raghu also acted in Jhoota Hi Sahi.

In 2015, Raghu introduced a web series titled A.I.SHA – My Virtual Sweetheart, a cam fiction reveal through the online material platform Arre.


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