Sachin Tendulkar daughter stalker caught by cops; West Bengal guy made dreadful hazards

The man has actually been making calls to former cricketer’s landline number for rather a while now. The cops are investigating how the male got hold of previous cricketer’s landline number.

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In a shocking revelation, a 32-year old guy has actually been arrested for bothering former cricketer’s child. The male made raunchy remarks on former cricketer’s daughter through call at previous cricketer’s residence. The male has actually supposedly threatened to kidnap Tendulkar’s daughter. Some TV reports state that the man is mentally unstable, however that report is yet to be validated. The male has been determined as Dev Kumar Metthi. Another TV report states that the male is a college drop out.The guy has actually been making calls to previous cricketer’s landline number for a long time now. The cops are examining how the man got hold of previous cricketer’s landline number. The male has been caught from West Bengal. He is expected to be produced in the Mumbai court soon.

@c_mangure with more details!.?.!— News18(@CNNnews18) January 7, 2018 Former cricketer himself keeps a low profile anywhere he goes and values his privacy. He

insists on the very same to be appreciated by everything about his household too.( More Details Awaited)

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