Shah Rukh Khan: We constantly undervalue our Indian audiences

On Thursday, the grand amalgamation of intellect and home entertainment, which is the TEDTalks show, was introduced amidst much magnificence. The magnificent host of the program is among the most articulate and amusing stars of India- Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan: We always underrate our Indian audiences
Shah Rukh Khan At the launch, Shah Rukh shared about he is an ardent fan of the show and traced it much before the beginning of Google. He said that he has an extremely curious nature, and was not sure if it’s his parents’ training or his instructors’ teachings that he’s developed into the curious individual that he is now. He confesses that he is a big fan of TedTalks and how for over the years now, he’s been an ardent fan of TEDTalks, even much before Google entered existence.Ecstatic about his association with such an intellectual show, the meaningful speaker said that TEDTalks has actually been his most satisfying and creatively challenging job till date, in which he can portray the real him, his intelligence, wit, he as a daddy, movie artist, entrepreneur.


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