Social Media head of Congress criticized for cheap comment on PM Modi

Social network head of the Congress party made a controversial remark by asking if the prime minister was on ‘POT’. The remark, can be interpreted in a number of methods, however the insinuation concerning drug abuse can not be ruled out. Pot is a typical term for cannabis. It is the world’s most popular leisure drug (though it has applications in medicine too). Marijuana can inhibit one’s sense and judgement when an individual is under its influence.This may hurt the Congress party profoundly in the upcoming Karnataka elections as the Prime Minister is a preferred figure in the poll bound state. The prime minister had dealt with a rally earlier in the day where he had said that TOP(Tomato, Onion & Potato farmers )were a top concern to his government.The social networks head attempted to gloss over her gaffe by

stating that she imply potato onion and tomato in of her replies. This controversy might not end as efficiently as Congress celebration might want, The Congress party social media head was criticised by BJP for her absurd remark.No Ma’am,

this is exactly what takes place when your moms and dads do not provide good upbringing! You’re teasing the Prime Minister of India whose only aim is to take India forward. He attempts to make connection with common people utilizing these basic tools.!.?.!Always thought Congress cannot go lower after what they did in Gujarat.Several other users buffooned the Congress chief while criticising Divya Spandana.Divya ji In India, when we speak of political leaders and POT, one and just one name springs to instant attention– the creator of”aloo to sona”Your precious

RaGa.!.?.!Least unexpected originating from someone whose manager has been supposedly on POT and has actually been through’rehab ‘. You get bad routines when in bad business!!.?.!The damage has actually already been done.

supporters must be hoping that their party can behave better in future.Recommended for you

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