Taj Mahal belongs to all of us, it must be protected for future generations: Supreme Court

Taj Mahal belongs to everyone, it should be maintained for future generations: Supreme Court

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  • vision and policy is needed to make sure that Taj Mahal remains there for centuries: SC
  • The monolith has to be secured not just for next 25-50 years however at least 400-500 years: SC
  • SC approved the UP govt 8-week time to formulate a detailed strategy for security of Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal. (Reuters photo) The Taj Mahal.(Reuters picture)NEW DELHI: Bring Up Uttar Pradesh federal government for its adhocism to security of< a href="" > Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court on Friday directed it to create a practical and futuristic policy to secure the monument stating that it belonged to individuals of the nation and it must be maintained for at least few centuries. A bench of justices Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta asked the government to involve individuals from civil society and experts worried with cultural heritage to frame a plan for preservation of the monument and the area surrounding it.

“You must have a wider vision and policy to make sure that Taj Mahal stays there for centuries. Everyone needs to sit together to frame the policy. The monolith requires to be protected not just for next 25-50 years but at least 400-500 years,” the bench said.

Additional lawyer general Tushar Mehta and UP’s extra advocate general Aishwarya Bhati told the bench that the state government was dedicated to safeguard the monuments and a variety of procedures had actually been taken by various authorities to control the pollution near Taj Mahal and to keep eco-friendly balance in surrounding area.

Mehta informed the bench that polluting markets in Taj Trapazium Zone had switched from coal/ coke to cleaner fuels like CNG and LPG and no building zone had actually been declared within 500 meter radius of Taj Mahal. He stated that business cars running in the city were being converted to CNG and disrupted power supply was being provided to dissuade use of generators.

“A financial investment of Rs 23.34 crores is proposed to develop security and security camera network in Taj Mahal premises and other parts of the city. Taj properties and other parts of the city will be monitored live from central control and command centre linked to network of CCTV surveillance cams. The monitoring system will help in securing Taj Mahal from threats like terrorist attacks,” Mehta said.

The Court, however, was not convinced and said that it was all adhoc measures taken by state as when needs occurred and there was no long-term strategy. It approved the state 8 week time to formulate a comprehensive prepare for defense of Taj Mahal after the state informed the bench that it had actually approached School of Preparation and Architecture seeking its assistance in preparing a vision document for preservation of Taj Mahal.

The state had actually told the Court that pollution level around Taj Mahal had stayed practically constant in the last 15 years and the monolith was totally safe. It, nevertheless, had confessed that amount of Particulate Matter(PM)-10 at the monument was above the fixed standard.

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    ” ” Taj Mahal belongs to all of us, it must be preserved for future generations: Supreme Court


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