The real reason Hrithik Roshan opened up about Kangana Ranaut controversy

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut debate that broke out in March 2016 saw a new chapter yesterday as the actor required to his social media manage and offered his story. In a statement where he questioned the alleged affair between him and Ranaut as it had “no trail left” by method of “paparazzi pictures or keepsake”, Roshan went on to add how he felt compelled to present his viewpoint so that he could “protect the fact because when truth suffers, the cumulative awareness of society suffers … Closer to house, families suffer. Kids suffer.”

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut
Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut His revelation amazed lots of because the actor had maintained a stoic silence on the subject up until now. When mid-day spoke with a member of the Roshan clan, he revealed that the kids had a role to play in the star’s choice to speak out. His kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, are his concern and it broke his heart to see how the debate– from accusations of an affair to a rumoured engagement in Paris to emails being leaked– had actually taken a toll on them.Also read:

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The relative exposed, “Hrithik’s family told him that enough sufficed and now wasn’t the time to keep silent. They all took a seat and chose that Hrithik needed to take charge of the circumstance. If you check out the last line of his statement, it mentions how children suffer if justice is rejected. That is a really telling line. Does anybody have any concept exactly what his kids have gone through since of this circus?”

Likewise checked out: Rakesh Roshan lastly breaks his silence on Hrithik-Kangana controversy When Ranaut required a” public apology”from the star on nationwide television, the household persuaded him to share his ordeal, lest his silence be misconstrued as his admission of guilt. After having a heart-to-heart with father Rakesh Roshan, the anguished star comprehended that he had no choice but to react. “Hrithik was insulted on Aap Ki Adalat. That impacted him deeply. His household told him that if he doesn’t speak up now, it will suggest 2 things– either he is guilty or he is too weak to react. Neither was the case, so why should not he speak out?”

Regardless of Ranaut’s accusations during Simran promos, he practiced restraint as he did not want to participate in a public spat. “He spoke only after weeks. The intent is not to malign anyone however to conserve one’s dignity.”


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