US cornered in UN Security Council over Jerusalem statement, faces flak: World, News


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    14 UN security members criticised Trump’s decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.2 Trump

  • administration working on a brand-new Mideast peace proposition.3 US Ambassador Nikki Haley told UNcouncil that US is more dedicated to peace ‘than ever’. One by one, 14 members of the UN Security Council spoke out versus President Donald Trump’s choice to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at an emergency conference on Friday, some with remorse and some with anger at the 15th member, the United States.It wasn’t the very first time that the United States stood alone in safeguarding its close ally, Israel, in the UN’s most effective body. Over decades, it has actually banned many council resolutions it viewed as damaging to Israel.But this was a rare rebuke for an action the United States took that in the eyes of the remainder of the council and most of the world plainly breaks UN resolutions

    and decisions that Jerusalem is a problem to be fixed by Israel and the Palestinians in peace negotiations on a two-state solution.The Trump administration has actually been working on a new Mideast peace proposal and United States Ambassador Nikki Haley informed the council that the United States is more dedicated to peace”than we’ve ever been prior to -and we think

    we may be closer to that goal than ever previously. “She offered no information but kept in mind that past Israeli-Palestinian contracts have actually been signed on the White Home yard, and if there is a new agreement there is”an excellent probability “it will be signed there too “because the United States has credibility of both sides.”But Palestinian UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour who spoke after council members stated the Trump administration’s choice on acknowledgment “weakens and essentially disqualifies its management function to look for peace in the region.”He said”one party can not continue to monopolize the peace process,”specifically one that is prejudiced in favor of”the occupying power,”Israel.Mansour advised the Security Council to knock exactly what he called the “reckless” US choice and declare its position on the status of Jerusalem __ that the holy city’s status need to be decided throughout Israeli-Palestinian peace settlements. And it needs to”verify its rejection of all offenses of that status,”he said.Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon, speaking immediately later, applauded Trump’s nerve and prompted all nations to follow the United States by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving their embassies to the holy city.”There will never be peace without Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel,” he said.

    “Which will never change.”Conventional United States allies in the Security Council, including Britain, France, Sweden, Italy and Japan, criticized Trump’s choice, all firmly insisting that Jerusalem’s status need to stay unsolved till final Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.In a joint statement, ambassadors from France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Britain disagreed with Trump’s choice, stating “it is not in line with Security Council resolutions and is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region. “France’s UN Ambassador Francois Delattre expressed regret at the US decision, pointing out legal grounds, its effect on efforts to reach a two-state solution, and the potential escalation of violence.He said the United States must describe how Trump’s action lines up with the legal structure “on which all peace efforts are based. “Egypt’s UN Ambassador Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta called the US acknowledgment”a hazardous precedent,”saying” Jerusalem is a city under profession and it is not acceptable lawfully to take any action.” The statement from the 5 ambassadors, echoing many speakers, required calm “provided the unpredictable situation on the ground.”The UN’s Mideast envoy

    Nikolay Mladenov, who informed the council, called for urgent global efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace, cautioning that if the conflict isn’t really fixed”it risks being engulfed in the vortex of religious radicalism throughout the Middle East.” He stated there is a danger of escalating violence following Trump’s decision and” a serious risk”

    of” a chain of unilateral actions”that would press the objective of peace more away.Bolivia’s UN Ambassador Sasha Llorenty Soliz stated the United States leader

    ‘s unilateral action affects the multi-cultural and multi-religious identity of Jerusalem and”is very damaging-it’s reckless due to the fact that it even more exacerbates the currently unsteady scenario in the Middle East.” Jerusalem Goes Underground to Resolve Cemetery Crisis


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