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There most likely isn’t really a single Indian who does not feel influenced by the life celebrity chef Vikas Khanna has led. His achievements are numerous– from making a Michelin star and running an effective worldwide culinary organisation, to directing documentaries and composing the world’s most pricey cookbook. And while we like him for all this, it is his love for his roots that influence us the most.It would be super-easy for a chef of his stature to get an inflated sense of self, however Vikas Khanna manages to be as grounded as the rest people. Even as he travels across the world hobnobbing with everybody from the Obamas to the Queen, Gordon Ramsay to Matt Preston, he remembers where he originated from, and the battle he had to go through.

Vikas Khanna has actually accomplished a lot, but manages to remain grounded and relatable. Picture for representative purpose. Image courtesy: Facebook/Vikas Khanna

“On April 30th, 1990 I catered for my very first occasion at Lumsden Club in Amritsar. # 27Years – feeling proud.”

For those who don’t understand, Khanna and his family needed to have a hard time a lot to get that first catering organisation, Lawrence Gardens Catering Business, began. Khanna has discussed in one of his books, Flavours First, that his family pitched in to hand-make 580 blue sweaters to get the start-up capital of Rs 15,000 for this business.

Vikas Khanna, with his more youthful sis, Radhika. His family’s constant support helped him attain his goals in life. Picture for representative function. Picture courtesy: Facebook/Vikas Khanna

Yes, 580 sweaters made from scratch by Khanna, his mother, and his beloved biji!While his very first catering occasion at the Lumsden Club was on April 30, 1990, the catering business itself was formally introduced in front of the Khanna house on December 2, 1990. Service was sluggish for the young entrepreneur in the beginning, however it gradually chose up as he made a name for himself.

Khanna’s very first catering service is still in operation in Amritsar, and he’s come a long way considering that. His journey isn’t really just all the #MondayMotivation we need to aspire in our lives and occupations. It’s actually a motivation for every single day of the week, the month, and the year.


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