Viswanathan Anand on World Pro-Chess League debut: Groggy, but good

Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand Sitting miles far from your colleagues (in Viswanathan Anand’s case, Chennai) yet sharing team bonding, blitzing your relocations in a little over 15 minutes and keeping a close eye on your team’s progress– that’s how things are unfolding in the second edition of the World Pro-Chess League 2018.

The format may appear strange or complex initially look with the video games seeming in some sort of a fast-forward mode but World Fast Champ Anand, who made his debut for Mumbai Movers late on Wednesday night, appears to be delighting in anything that’s speculative or difficult. Excerpts from a chat with the chess genius:

How did you selected signing up with Mumbai Movers?I had offers from numerous groups as the format specifies that each team can play a Free Agent [3 of the four gamers in a match need to be from a neighboring locality while a Free Agent can be miles away] I personally understood Rishi Gupta, the owner of Mumbai Movers, plus I liked the group structure and most notably, it was an Indian team.How does it feel to be part of a group but sitting miles apart?Somehow I was feeling groggy on the night and had a bumpy ride concentrating.
I have actually played online numerous times but this did appear unusual in the beginning, sitting in front of the computer system and being video graphed. When you play the Olympiad or the Group Championships, you are physically sitting beside your group. All this lasts till you start the games and get utilized to it as after that, there is barely any time to believe of anything else other than your video games. All four people have been playing from our particular homes however are linked in spirit as a team and see each other on video. Obviously, we have a team strategy in place a round.Tells us about the four games you played on Wednesday night.The very first video game was hard to concentrate on and petered into a draw. In the 2nd, I landed intoan inferior position then it was a big battle to remain in the
game. I needed to slog it out to conserve the draw. In the third, I could not develop any idea to make the game intriguing and it fizzled into a dull draw, but the 4th game was interesting and I could sculpt out a neat triumph Exists a temptation to check the team’s progress during games?Thankfully, the team was doing well and we clinched triumph

prior to the completion of the games. We had a three-point cushion, so there was no extra pressure. I was really pleased with Nubair Shah Shaikh’s handling of the video games, where he defeated two Grandmasters, specifically the long drawn win versus Benjamin Gerdula in an equal appearing position. Which round would you be playing in for the team?I will be playing but won’t reveal the round [as it belongs to group technique] Download the brand-new mid-day
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