Watch: PM Modi attacks Congress on multiple fronts in Parliament

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made a blistering attack on the Congress in Parliament on numerous fronts.The offensive against the main Opposition celebration and the Nehru-Gandhi household came during the course of PM Modi’s marathon reply in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha to the debate on the movement of thanks on the President’s address.The UPA Governments are entirely and entirely accountable for the NPA mess. To

keep their own pals pleased, the country’s banking sector suffered. This is a mess we are actively dealing with.!.?.!Congress in May 2014- Modi Ji will scrap Aadhaar.Congress in 2017-Scrap Aadhaar.Why? Since under NDA, Aadhaar is ensuring reliable service

shipment and ending corruption. Congress certainly does not like it.!.?.!While talking about Aadhaar,

let us not forget that the root of the concept stemmed during Atal Ji’s Government, pointed out by Advani Ji in the Rajya Sabha in 1998.!.?.!Our defend justice for the OBC communities and Muslim ladies will continue.It is time for a positive argument on simultaneous Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections in the numerous states.!.?.!Now is the time to provide India a healthcare system that makes quality treatment economical. We will guarantee this through Ayushman Bharat.!.?.!Democracy is in India’s culture. It belongs of our ethos for countless years. No Indian requirements lessons on democracy from the Congress, which has squashed over our democratic material repeatedly.!.?.!In a speech that was made amidst constant slogan yelling by Congress members in the Lok Sabha and later a mainly uninterrupted Rajya Sabha, PM Modi took on the Congress for its various omissions and commissions in its more than five years of rule and taunted the party over its demand for a”Gandhian India

“.” I am likewise in favour of Gandhian India because Congress-free Bharat was the idea of Gandhi j i,” he said in the Rajya Sabha. He accused the Congress of having a”

little mind “and cultivating one family’s legacy at the country’s expense and said there was” festival of sincerity”under his federal government with individuals understanding they will get an account of the tax they pay.PM Modi argued that the Congress had no right to provide lessons on democracy and need to not”deceive”the country on the concern of work generation. He said Congress-led UPA was fully accountable for the NPAs of banks and the country will never forgive the celebration for its”sin”. He also looked for to reach out to the middle class, which is relatively feeling squeezed by the tax propositions in the Union Budget plan, stating the government was producing ease of living through excellent governance, improving education, infrastructure and real estate.


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