Watch: Rat becomes snake’s snack after serpent comes out of AC to eat the rodent : FYI, News

Watch: Rat ends up being snake’s snack after snake comes out of Air Conditioner to consume the rodent

If you think you are safe at your home, you’re wrong.

Photo: Facebook

In this scorching summer, nobody desires to turn off their Air conditioners but exactly what you will enjoy will certainly prove that even in your own home you aren’t safe.

In the recently went viral video, a snake which appeared to be a pipeline in the beginning emerges from an Air Conditioner, comes down and practically gulps down a rodent giving us chills down our spine.The snake real estate in the Air Conditioning was recorded by the household as it kills and eats its prey.Here’s the

initial video:

The video was originally shared by a Facebook page known as Sure Boh Singapore and has gone viral ever since.Well, someone needs some serious bug control it seems.


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