West Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh Heckled, Cancels Fulfilling Of BJP Employees

Darjeeling: West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh was heckled today by a group of individuals which asked saffron leaders going to Darjeeling to leave instantly, resulting in chaos at the location of a party conference and its cancellation.A scuffle emerged in between BJP fans and the agitators when Ghosh, heading a celebration delegation, got to the venue in the night where a ‘Vijaya Sammelani’ of celebration employees was arranged to be held.

As quickly as he showed up, the agitators yelled slogans demanding that the BJP delegates leave the hills and revealed them black flags. The BJP supporters were far surpassed by the agitators, who beat them up.The BJP state chief aimed to pacify the agitators however failed. He was then heckled following which he cancelled the conference and lodged a complaint at a neighboring cops station.Mr Ghosh informed reporters,”Suddenly they hurried to the dais and heckled everybody including me. I attempted to calm them however they kept screaming mottos and pushing others. I left the location and walked to the neighboring police headquarters.”He said,” En route my celebration fans, who were with me, were extremely battered by the agitators.”Darjeeling Superintendent of Authorities Akhilesh Chaturvedi said,”There was scuffle in between 2 groups and a few people were injured. A case has actually been registered and we have actually started the investigation. The offenders will be detained soon.”Rallies were gotten by the BJP in Kolkata as well as in Hoogly, Burdwan and numerous other locations in the state to demonstration against the heckling of Ghosh. The celebration required instant arrest of the culprits.A mad Mr Ghosh alleged that the attack on him and the BJP leaders was

“pre-planned “which he was not offered any security despite being an MLA. “It was pre-planned attack. And I think this planning has its roots

in Kolkata. The administration and cops were simply mute viewers as our advocates were battered and I was heckled. I was not given any security cover. I have actually lodged a police complaint about the occurrence, “he said.Mr Ghosh declared that the agitators were advocates of expelled Gorkha Janmukti Morcha(GJM )leader Binay

Tamang. Mr Tamang denied the allegation.Asked whether Mr Ghosh was provided security for the meeting, Mr Chauturvedi stated,”The authorities was outside the venue.We had likewise provided security for those programmes which were held previously and we had details. He( Ghosh)will be offered complete security.”Responding to the occurrence, state Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee said,”The BJP had gone there to foment trouble when peace was returning to the hills. Rather of taking police workers together with him, he(Ghosh)had taken worked with jerks. If he does not request security then how can the authorities provide security cover?”Senior north Bengal Trinamool Congress(TMC )leader and Minister Gautam Deborah stated, “It (the scuffle )was an outburst of anger of the hill individuals versus the sinister designs of the BJP.”Mr Ghosh stated,”

These protests are fuelled and funded by the TMC. Except the GJM and Bimal Gurung, all other hill celebrations are simple extra players who are working on behalf of the TMC.”He declared that individuals of the hills were with the BJP and the GJM which was why their leader received “a lot “assistance any place they were going.He said hundreds of individuals in the hills greeted the BJP leaders and shared their issues

. The response was tremendous, he said.Earlier in the day while getting in Darjeeling from Kalimpong, Ghosh and his team dealt with demonstrations by supporters of the Gorkha National Freedom Front(GNLF ), who like some other hill parties required that the BJP leaders leave Darjeeling immediately.Mr Ghosh and his team were also

revealed black flags and asked to avoid interrupting the”peace and stability” in the region.They had actually faced protests yesterday too by fans of the Jan Andolan Celebration and Binay Tamang during their visit to Kalimpong. Posters with the messages such as ‘BJP return ‘and asking the hill individuals to boycott the celebration’s delegation were put up.The state BJP chief had, however, refuted the GNLF allegation that he remained in the hills to foment trouble and declared that the demonstrations versus the BJP delegation were sustained by the judgment TMC.Mr Ghosh claimed it was due to his initiative that peace has gone back to Darjeeling.” I talked with the Union house minister, after which peace went back to the Darjeeling hills, “he said.The BJP group is arranged to check out different locations in the hills and neighbouring Sikkim and convene with its employees and the GJM leadership.Expelled GJM leader and vice-chairman of

the Board of Administrators(BoA), Anit Thapa likewise accused the BJP of aiming to foment trouble in the hills.”What was it(BJP )doing for the three-and-a-half months when the hills were burning

? Now that peace has returned, it wants to create trouble,”he alleged.GNLF spokesman Niraj Zimba later stated his celebration had actually protested in the early morning as it felt

the BJP was trying to destablise the peace in the hills.Mr Zimba, nevertheless, condemned the violence that happened in Darjeeling

and said in democracy Mr Ghosh has every right to perform a political programme.A BJP leader said,”We want instant arrest of the culprits. The method the attack occurred suggests that it has actually been a prepared one and the administration was a quiet viewer.”


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