Wherever there is caste politics, there is Congress

Manikarnika, Kamal Jain has rejected that the motion picture has any incorrect depictions of the Queen. He had specified that they have consulted many historians and scholars prior to finalising the script of the film and the film will be a fitting homage to the great queen.But Sanjay

Bhansali too had actually offered similar statements. That did not stop the Karni Sena from prompting violence against the movie.The most intriguing thing about this potential political conundrum is that Mr Misra is also a secretary in the state Congress system. We have actually all seen how Congress cleverly included itself with Rajput Karni Sena to create absolute turmoil and disruptions following the film Padmaavat, where several cities saw violence and wreckage of order scenarios. When all incidents are thoroughly taken a look at in a chronological order, it comes to mind that Congress took BJP for a ride in order to score political objectives, in a bus called Padmaavat, driven by Karni Sena.What is most troubling about this whole circumstance is that this Congress and caste-based politics go hand in hand, nearly always.We have seen Congress supporting Bhim Army in Uttar Pradesh, they fanned the Bhima-Koregaon violence hailing the protests and blaming BJP for ignoring Dalits.A central pillar of the RSS/BJP’s fascist vision for India is that Dalits ought to remain at the bottom of Indian society. Una, Rohith Vemula and now Bhima-Koregaon are potent symbols of the resistance

.– Workplace of RG( @OfficeOfRG) January 2, 2018 In case of Rohit Vemula suicide too, Congress played and played it as much they could to produce’Dalit Injustice’ story. Their< a href= target=_ blank rel=noopener > assistance to Hardik Patel right before Gujrat polls further clarified it. Not only Hardik, Jignesh Mevani too became their beloved when it concerned opposing BJP. It has likewise tried to play the’ Lingayat’card in Karnataka. A distinctive pattern emerges whenever we see any caste-based agitation in the country. Congress jumps in initially, shows uniformity to the protesters or agitators and rapidly turns it into political mudslinging game to target PM Modi and BJP.Just before Gujrat surveys, Congress has declared Rahul Gandhi is a” Janeudhari Brahmin”. That followed a craze of Temple check outs and a fantastic program of putting tilaks and even saffron shawls around his neck.Now that another anti-movie political game appears to be in the horizons that include the Brahmin community, are we about to witness another Congress political performance around a movie and a specific caste? Mr. Misra is a state Congress secretary, Is Congress going to formally support his demands? After Dalits, Rajputs, Marathas, and Patidars, are Brahmins the next vote-battery for Congress? Time will inform. Email

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