Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3 Stuns With Greater DxOMark Rating Than iPhone 8 And Google Pixel

Over the past couple of months, significant smartphone makers have been one-upping each other and boasting of the camera expertise of their most current flagships by promoting the DxOMark ratings to draw in consumers with a greater number. We had never ever gotten a ranking for any Xiaomi phone till date and DxOMark has finally provided us a Apple iPhone 8 and in 2015’s Google Pixel.

mi note 3 dxomark score

The Mi Keep in mind 3, as you can see above, has actually managed to beat a few of the top-notch flagship devices since the benchmarking company has now included zoom and bokeh efficiency as a requirement for its tests. The Mi Note 3 performs exceptionally well in the said department and uses you 2x optical zoom, along with an accurate picture mode that is better than its competitors.As for the screenshot

attached below, Xiaomi’s Mi Keep in mind 3 scored much better than both the older Google Pixel and this year’s iPhone 8 in the photography category. It is also said to have a video camera setup better than HTC’s 2017 flagship gadget, the U11, which didn’t quite find any success. Though standards are not the finest method to evaluate the image quality of any smart device video camera, the DxOMark rankings have actually ended up being quite popular with time. Not just do a lot of hardware makers provide the DxOMark standard a lot of weight however it also helps charm the consumers with a higher ranking. The photography rating of the Mi Note 3 could better the sales of the device for Xiaomi in the coming weeks. So, do you plan on purchasing the Mi Note 3 now that its electronic camera prowess is at par with the Google Pixel? Do let us understand in the comments down below.

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